Find a particular skill or talent that you are good at but you don’t think other people are able to do. You’re sure you can do it, but if you look around, you may find other people who can’t quite seem to fill in the gap and make you rich.

You can have a skill or talent that is very important to you, but if other people don’t seem to understand how effective it can be then they won’t use it. When they do use it, they will be very thankful that you taught them how to profit from their mistakes.

This is known as the law of effectiveness and there are many things that impact its flow. Many things do affect it, including money, fame, and influence.

Computer skills

most valuable talents and skills

Computer skills are very important and can be either a fun or difficult skill to have. You do not need to use a computer to be aware of the internet, YouTube, & Facebook!

The way you use a computer is a different way of using the internet. For example, you could go to someone’s website but not needed it. You could type but not really keys quickly so that is what you see when you click it.

You could have poor keyboard skills so that is why you have to use a mouse and keyboard. The wrong button or key can be pressed because of weak hand and eye coordination.

Having computer skills will help with everything from finding jobs to communicating with people online like emailing, messaging, & chatting with them.

Customer service

most valuable talents and skills

Customer service is one of the most valuable Talents and Skills in business. As an example, of things you can do for a client to make a difference in their relationship, help them feel valued, and/or see progress in their career.

As an example, of things you can do for a client to make a difference in their personal life, they love and appreciate what you do. You bring joy to their lives and they are thankful.

Your ability to be able to respond quickly is very important because people often contact companies after an event or sale has happened. They don’t always have time to reply but you must if someone is waiting for an answer.

A hard part about customer service is not being obnoxious or being too helpful. Those things can got annoying or people may not get what they want because you were too helpful.


most valuable talents and skills

Your values and values set you apart from others. Your skills and talents help you be more effective in the workplace and contribute to your overall success.

You can say that you have a leadership skill or talent, but not a specific skill or talent. You can be a great leader because you know how to inspire others to work together.

A leadership skill is not a talent, but some people have both. A real leadership talent is having the confidence to take charge. You can have this if you haven’t lost faith in yourself.

The way you take charge of events depends on what they are. For example, if an event is about business, then I would take charge by ordering business-related items from catalog or by planning an event that focuses on a particular topic.

If an event is social, cultural, or recreational, then the person taking charge has no choice but to be the person with the least amount of experience.


most valuable talents and skills

Management is probably the most overlooked section of leadership. There’s a reason that very few people spend time in this area- it’s so important!

Missing a section of leadership can be like missing a step on the corporate ladder. You can go from being an intern to supervisor in just a few moments of conversation.

By going over your powers of management, you can make changes faster, get people to do things, and most importantly: maintain control.

You will never be able to “run the show” if you don’t have the ability to do that. Even if you’re not an expert in management, there are still things that can be learned that will help you become more effective as a leader.

There are many ways to learn how to lead and manage people, but the best way is through experience. So, while you’re taking charge at work or at home, look into how you can add more power to your leadership abilities.


most valuable talents and skills

Find your strengths and work on that. If you are good at getting things organized, try to build a 20-25% time commitment into your schedule that includes organizing things.

There is a reason that the top people in every field are always working – they’re trying to change the world. That’s what gets them down, and eventually makes them rich (or poor).

Rookie “teachers” spend hours trying to organize materials in their minds, barely succeeding in their first month of teaching. The same goes for people who try to organize things – you need a degree and years of experience before you actually succeed at it.

But with enough effort, you can make yourself feel productive and take pride in your work. You can also see how others respond to your classes and how what they say contributes to quality education.


most valuable talents and skills

Saleen is one of the most recognizable car brands in the world, with car brands like Detroit’s Big Red Car Wash, and Honda’s Acura brand being known for their vehicles.

Saleen is known for their Velocity sports cars, which are designed to look very expensive. These cars are usually dark colored and feature very high-end features.

Velocity is a hard sell product, as people do not seem to want to spend $60K on a car! However, if you wanted one, you would buy one? Yeah!……..

Another red-hot product is The Chopper, which is an upscale motorcycle brand. These are usually red or red and black! People really like them because they look ruggedly attractive.


most valuable talents and skills

We call these skills and talents we do not have a para, the unibealth. This area of our life is called by many different names.

The Money-Making Coursebook by Dave Asprey is one of these names. He calls it The Weapon That Can Change Your Life!

This area of your life is truly valuable and can make a big difference in your everyday life. You cannot put this on and take off like a pair of jeans. It takes time to develop this part of you.

If you are looking to improve your everyday life, learn some new skills or take on a new role at home, take some time to develop these unibealth areas: communication, computer skills, sewing/making/repairing things, gardening, cooking, business skills (writing sales copy or doing research), dancing, gaming (playing with others), singing/performing (musicals or live performances).


Acting is a tough field to enter. Even though it is a new skill, the more people know about the worse actors in the world, the professionals have.

As we said, it’s hard to learn acts. They are very specific and require very precise movements, lines and expressions. So, if you don’t know an act, you spend your time in vain.

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