Resume coating or showcasing skills is a tactic that hiring managers, job candidates, and employment folks use to present a well-rounded, complete resume to employers.

It is designed to cover specific areas of experience, skills, and/or contributions that further demonstrate your candidate has the personality and character traits an employer is looking for.

By highlighting relevant examples on their resumes, individuals are able to build confidence in their applications as well as show off specific areas of interest they may have targeted. Since these individuals are more detailed in their resume examples, this additional emphasis can help standout them from other candidates.

While showing off skills on a resume can be fun and inspire confidence in yourself, it can also help save time in the application process itself.

Explain what skills are

showcasing skills on resume

A skill is an element or attribute that makes you more desirable as a job candidate. A skill is the ability to do something specific and/or interesting and it’s what unique features you bring to the table that employers look for.

Resumes are used to show what skills an applicant has. When researching a career, there are ways to find out if they have the skills they claim they have. For example, if an applicant with business skills wants to work with computers, they can send a tech job announcement on Facebook or Twitter.

By putting up this online posting, the candidate has shown their willingness to put in effort and try to learn how to use computers. People can see that they are not just sitting on their computer watching TV or playing video games and that shows confidence in themselves.

Listing skills

showcasing skills on resume

Resume Skills bullet point
A list of skills listed next to experience points or at the top of the resume. This is a great way to show off your intelligence, creativity, and ability to deliver results.

It is also an opportunity to demonstrate your past accomplishments and what you bring to the table today.

past accomplishments list of skills he/she has delivered successes over the past

past accomplishments list of skills he/she has delivered successes over the past

Can I list more than one skill for each job?

showcasing skills on resume

Some jobs require a different skill set, like nursing or sales. In that case, you would list the new skill as a specialization!

In other careers, you may have a general knowledge or experience in the area, so look into the related fields for your new job. For example, you may have experience working with children, so apply to an adult job with children removed.

Many times, companies will not factor one specialization into their calculations for an average score on a job application. If your new specialization does not score well on the standard 10-point test for intelligence and motivation, you can raise your score by adding in some extra pieces of information.

For example: If you worked at home and hobbies include playing video games or doing online stuff at your desk, then add in some activity scores to show how much work goes into each item.

How should I organize my resume?

Resume writing is a art. It’s not something you can just write and write, and have some impact on the world. It’s an ability that you must practice, and understand how to use for employment.

There are many elements to a resume, including job title, organization name, experience, products or services involved, and contact information. All of these pieces should be present on your resume.

But there are also many ways to put it all together. Some people use binder style binders with some kind of slip-on cover put on top of the main document, or lay it across a desk or chair and go to work!

Both versions give your job search friends and colleagues a better chance at recognizing you on your resume.

What about a portfolio?

showcasing skills on resume

A portfolio is great way to showcase your skills. A typical portfolio looks like a stack of pieces of paper arranged in a book format and stored under the “skills” section of your resume.

They are easy to make and can be custom made to fit your job role. A few of the more popular portfolios include:

Photo-realized resumes (or ones with some photos included)

Portfolio-like documents (e.g., letters, proposals, etc.

What should it include?

showcasing skills on resume

Your showcase should include at least one skill that you are very good at. This can be something you used to make money, or it can be an additional skill you have that fits your job description.

Making a living off of your skills is a nice way to keep yourself motivated. Resume-making companies will often ask their candidates to show they have a job and income, so including the ability to live autonomously is helpful.

Some skills you may want to include are home economics, cooking, and handyman skills. If you can cancan yourself around the house or fix a broken computer or TV set, you might be able to find a job as a tech support person, for example.

Try not including any material facts on your resume.

Should I include testimonials?

showcasing skills on resume

Resume bullet points are a great way to give yourself some space to add information to your résumé. If you have special experience or experiences that relate to the job you want, then by all means, include some of these details.

However, if you have the ability to work hard and put in a good effort in the past, then include some of these details as they can help highlight your hard work.

Many companies look at these details such as age, height, weight, and dress style on a resume. They consider these aspects of your work-life balance which can help make an impact on how they view you.

strongly suggest that you include no more than three (3) sentences for each section of your resume. This gives enough space for the section to give enough detail but does not take up too much space on the page.

What about a cover letter?

showcasing skills on resume

A cover letter is used to show a person’s interest in the job positions they are applying for and to introduce them to the employer.

It can be a quick note or email explaining what you bring to the table and why you would be an asset to the team. A cover letter can also be used as a note in an application, making it easy for the employer to see that you were interested in the position and were a helpful member of the team.

The best way to write a good cover letter is with help from this article. However, there are few tips given here that cannot be found in this article so do not worry about that!

There are several ways to present your skills on your resume. They all have different strategies used in putting them together, so we will give you some tips here.

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